Fire Trucks
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Fire Trucks

Fire Trucks

Fire trucks are a very important and essential part of our emergency service team. Here in the uk there are fire stations situated in more or less every town and each one is manned by two or more fire trucks. The two main types are the pump truck which contains a large water carryer and the second is the ladder truck which has a large extendable ladder on the top.

Fire trucks deal with a lot more incidents every day than people realise. Most assume it is just fires that they attend but there jobs go a lot further than this. The fire trucks are quite often called to the sceen of a motor accident where it is there job to cut any trapped people from there vehicles. The fire service also deal with people trapped by fallen buildings and a whole host of other things.

The fire trucks are cleaned to the best of there abilities between each incident they attend and are restocked accordingly. The job for this falls with the crew of the fire truck. A lot of resorces are wasted each year by hoax callers and a lot of lives are endangered by this. The police now charge anyone caught making hoax emergency calls.

The fire trucks would be useless to us as members of the general public if it were not for the fantastic crews on these trucks. They risk there lives on a daily basis to save those of others around them. They are paid too little and thanked too little for the jobs they do saving people.