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Ford Fire Trucks

Ford started making fire trucks in 1914, when it came out with the four-cylinder Model T. This fire truck was a hook-and-ladder fire truck with cloth hoses and a hand-rung bell. In 1931 Ford replaced the model T with the Model A fire truck, which was efficient and affordable. In 1938 the Ford fire truck was redesigned to provide more room for equipment and also had pivoting lights.

Today the Ford fire truck has either an F550 or an F650 chassis. On the Ford fire truck using an F550 chassis, weight is a consideration. It has a large cooling system in the engine, but a split drive line pump or PTO pump are almost impossible to use. The smaller chassis also limits hose and equipment capacity.

On the Ford fire truck using an F650 chassis, there are many different pump options to choose from. The storage capacity for hoses and equipment is increased as well. The larger chassis can also accommodate a larger engine/pump system going up to 120 hp.

Ford fire trucks have come a long way from the Model T. With larger engines, increased equipment storage and different pumps to suit the area served, Ford fire trucks are one of the best models around to serve firefighter needs.